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The Secret Thing All Women Want
Text of article in July 2007 issue of Fitness Magazine
(page 96, otherwise not available online)

"Equally Shared Parenting" might sound like an idea from the former Soviet republic.  But it's actually a lifestyle gaining popularity among couples who want a more congruent balance between work and home life, say Amy and Marc Vachon, creators of the information Web site EquallySharedParenting.com.  Why?  More moms are working outside the home and more dads are recognizing that caring for kids is work, so the concept of an even split of breadwinning and domestic responsibilities just makes sense.  And it means less stress on you.  But there are some sacrifices that come with livin' la vida less loca:
You'll give up control of the domestic reins, giving him comparative input in thousehold and kid matters.  That can be difficult, Amy explains, because "many women see themselves as the ones who make the domestic decisions."
You'll gain a partner.  "I can leave the house without worrying," Amy says.
You'll give up promotions that steal time from family commitments, or accept less pay to work fewer hours (and so will he).
You'll gain more time to, um, exercise.  Says Amy, "With all the hours we spend together, there's definitely more opportunity for sex!"

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