Equally Shared Parenting - Half the Work ... All the Fun

ESP The Book

"Kids become whole people when they're raised by whole people - the Vachons show us how."
- Gloria Steinem

"If old gender roles don't allow parents to live the rich, diverse lives they want, then there is an alternative. Read this and consider how our lives could be richer."
- Joan Blades, cofounder of MomsRising.org and MoveOn.org

"A joy to read...a treasure for couples who want to share parenting and sustain loving, intimate relationships at the same time."
- Scott Coltrane, author of
Family Man and Gender and Families

"Follow the advice in Equally Shared Parenting and watch yourself, your marriage, and your children flourish." 
- Monique Tilford, coauthor of
Your Money or Your Life, and Dave Tilford, senior write for Center for a New American Dream

"The Vachons are the leading edge of true social change."
- Laura Vanderkam, The Huffington Post

When we first launched this website, our goal was to start (finally!) a global conversation about equally shared parenting - both to introduce mothers and fathers to its possibilities, and to connect parents who already live this way. It has been a joy to watch each of these goals come to fruition over the past three years.  And now, couples are ready to roll up their sleeves and make a relationship based on equal partnership and balanced lives a reality. It is time for the first practical, how-to handbook!

Equally Shared Parenting: Rewriting the Rules for a New Generation of Parents is this handbook. Inside, you will find all our experience and philosophies, and those of many other couples we've interviewed who live this way, so that you can take the steps that make equally shared parenting work for you. We discuss the benefits and challenges of this lifestyle, covering everything from childrearing practices, career issues, housework and chores, to time for yourself (and as a couple). And we dissect the two major perceived barriers to a life of gender equality after kids - money and society - and describe how to move past them to realize your dream.

With a terrific foreword by New York Times Magazine writer, Lisa Belkin, Equally Shared Parenting is truly a ground-breaking book. We invite you to explore the links below to learn more. You will see that building and living a life in which you each share the work and the rewards is wholly possible - and a whole lot of fun.


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