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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Take me out to the Ballgame!
Today is one of those days when ESP really pays off for me (and Amy). My brother called earlier today saying he scored some tickets for tonight's Red Sox game. My initial reaction was that I couldn't make it because Amy already had plans for tonight, leaving me 'on' with the kids. I immediately called our favorite babysitter. She was free but needed to do some juggling. Not knowing if that would work out I called our second choice and left a message for her to call me. Luckily, the first option came through and I'm meeting my brother at 7:00.

What makes this example so special? It all took place without having to inconvenience Amy. I didn't have to ask her to back out of her commitment, I didn't have to call her multiple times for babysitting options, I didn't have to hear the frustration in her voice about how busy she is at work, and I didn't complicate her afternoon of swim class and day care pickups. In fact, the sitter is arriving at our house 1/2 hour earlier than I would have gotten home to help with dinner.

Furthermore, I don't have any guilt that I won't see my kids for a couple of hours before bed tonight. I was home with both of them all day yesterday and look forward to spending tomorrow with them as well. In fact, I will be rejuvenated from some quality Recreation time. They better be ready for some serious fun!


Anonymous said...

I noticed your #2 babysitter is a female. For some reason, I'm assuming your #1 babysitter is also a female too. If we are going to live in a society where men provide as much childcare as women, don't we need to start out by spreading the help we get from others between the genders?

BTW: Both my wife and I think that it is dangerous to leave a child under 8 entirely under the sole care of a male other than the father, especially when diaper changing and/or baths become part of the responsibility. I've heard too many personal stories, not to mention the reports that constantly come out from the media.

7:28 AM  

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